Is Card Counting a Viable Option in Online Blackjack

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

For so long, card counting has been a popular strategy in blackjack and casino games. For starters, this strategy involves foreseeing your next moves based on the number of cards left on the pool. This infamous move is prohibited and can see one thrown out of a game at . Is it possible to use this old century trick to online blackjack? No.

Why is it Hard to Use Card Counting on Online Blackjack?

Advancement in technology is meant to make things easy, right? While the advancement in technology has served gamers with the convenience and ease of playing the game from anywhere at any time, it too, has dealt a blow to them. With the online systems, it has become quite hard for gamers to predict cards as they are dealing with computerized dealers.

  1. Counting online is easier to mess especially if your concentration wanders
  2. There are no real people to match a deck to hence more room for mistakes
  3. Low deck penetration due to frequent shuffling makes it harder to track

Much as the online blackjack game has a reduced number of players compared to the conventional live one, its advantages outweigh the latter. For most honest players, the fact that you can play a game with minimal concerns of cheating seals off the deal. It also has a great deal of high deck penetration and better personal experience that attracts gamers.


Is it Possible to Beat Online Blackjack?

This is a question many online gamers’ minds, both veterans and newcomers. Yes, it is quite possible to beat online blackjack but it does need a good strategy and plan. First, a gamer needs to know how to count cards. With an in-depth knowledge of card counting a gamer will be able to easily count the card even with the frequent reshuffles.

While a good knowledge in card counting is important, you need to be an excellent money manager and have good and sound money management plans. Despite the huge bankrolls, it is important to keep your bets smaller while at the same time capitalizing on the bonuses offered by the platform. You should also monitor how often you play. Keep your gaming frequency within acceptable levels.

Online Blackjack- What to Expect

With the popularity of the blackjack game, so much is to be desired and things even getting better with the sport going online. Save for the millions of dollars the sport can generate in revenues, the fun is endless. Unlike with the traditional brick and mortar version of Blackjacks, now gamers can anticipate more thrills with gamblers having the ability to create tournaments amongst themselves.

In addition to this, the convenience of being able to play the game while on the go is something every gamer always looks forward to. This is not all, most online casinos have even capitalized on this market by creating easy to access video kiosks that have abilities to shuffle and distribute minimal payout to its winners, which is a big plus for them.

Which Casinos Offer Online Blackjack?

If you are thinking of venturing into online Blackjack then you need to invest in the right website. While the above knowledge will be all you need to make the money you need the right website might just be the vehicle to get you there safe and what better ways to this than by these suggested websites. Try them out and enjoy your wins.

  • Celtic Casino
  • Super Casino
  • Roy Palace
  • Royal Vegas
  • William Hill
  • Betfair
  • Ladbrokes

The very best casinos in the business offer impeccable experience. The gameplay is sublime, fair and highly optimized for computer and mobile use alike. However, while the platforms are impressive, it is important to note that you equally need to sharpen your skills to capitalize on the website gains from the game. Start by learning all Blackjack rules by heart to avoid rookie mistakes.

The Bottom Line

While the question can you count online blackjack is still begs an answer, the blackjack game popularity is not diminishing anytime soon. With the intriguing nature of the game, it is even harder for gamers to hack it online thanks to the impassible card counting technique. However, this should not deter any gamer from capitalizing on the returns and convenience the game has to offer.

With our detailed breakdown cutting across the different strategies of online blackjack to the different websites one can be able to access the game with ease, we hope your quest to a superb and exciting gaming experience is well catered for. You can even use a no deposit virtual account to practice the skill before moving on to real money games. Hope you remember to thank us later.