Keno Review- Introduction

  • Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

There are different versions of Keno and in terms of quality, it wouldn't be termed as impressive but all that matters is the balls and the game's card. Once you register with an online casino (, load Keno up and you'll realize that its design is rather simple.

How Keno Works

Since its inception over 20 centuries ago, Keno has grown in leaps and bounds especially with the vast growth of the internet today. The game is played on a digital card comprised of 80 digits, and you can select between 2 to 20 digits.

Once you’ve selected your digits, the machine takes over and randomly draws 20 balls numbered between 1-80. If you choose 2 numbers and get one match, your returns carry the lowest odds set at 1/1. All wins are paid out once the draw is completed.

Get Familiar With The Payout Rates

The good thing about playing casino games is the fact that there are several versions one can opt for and Keno is no exception. Given there are different versions from different providers, it's advisable you familiarise yourself with the payout table prior to placing a bet.

The payout rates dictate the house edge for multiple levels. Essentially, Keno lists the Return To Percentages(RTP) for choosing numbers, which means you can ho for the amount with maximum odds. Given one number tends to have the worst odds, it's best you go for 6-8 digits

Finding A Keno Site

You might not break a sweat when trying to find a platform to play online Keno, but it might prove to be difficult to find one you are content with. A number of factors go into pin-pointing a tremendous online casino, and not all web casinos offer Keno.

  • Finding the ideal online casino with Keno is not easy.

It's recommended you find online casinos offering first deposit bonuses that you can play Keno with. In addition, you should consider sites with a proven track record of being trustworthy, awesome customer service, and a multitude of other casino games from A-list software providers.


Play Keno For Free

Before you play Keno online for real money, it would help a great deal if you give the free Keno version a try. One reason you'd want to try it out is that if you are alien to Keno, this is the best opportunity to learn the game.

Furthermore, playing Keno for free would allow you to test an online casino's software before committing to play there. Moreover, it can be a fun way to while away time after a long day at work without any fear whatsoever of losing your cash.

Play Keno For Real Money

After you get a feel of how Keno works, chances are you'll want to go on to real money casino play. Undoubtedly, the game becomes more exciting and captivating especially when you are waiting with bated breath to see if your numbers match those generated by the game.

Engaging in online Keno play for real money will obviously be the only way to claim a huge Keno payout if lady luck shines on you and you manage to choose the right digits. Pick an online casino with Keno and begin playing today!